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Our professionals will help you develop the optimal technological solution to grow & enhance your business.

Our Clients

Arotech's team excels in App development and is one of the team's strong suits. We tend to create mobile applications with the best technologies and up to date designs. Arotech follow platforms guidelines, create a comfortable user experience & responsive mobile applications

Arotech app development is the best in Egypt with the lowest price for mobile applications. Also the best user experience and resposive app designs
Who is Arotech?


Arotech is a startup that started in 2019. We aim to create technological solutions for our clients through providing the best tailored advanced keys for our clients success.

About Arotech is one of the best website, mobile applications, and chatbot solutions in Egypt for the lowest prices and best quality
Arotech mission and vision in the technology department in Egypt

How we look to the future?

We aim to deliver the best value for our customers. If you are happy we are happy too.


Our mission is to pave & enhance the way for Egyptian market into a technological era.


Our vision is to inspire and innovate the majority of the Egyptian market by 2024 to have atleast one technological solution in its facility.

The process Arotech Egypt go through to create the best solutions, apps, websites, and chatbots for your need. To add value
Arotech research, development, testing its solutions in Egypt.


Growth rate increasing

How do we do it?

The most important part of product or service creation is the process part. We tend to follow a strict guideline in implementing a project.

  • Research

  • Development
  • Testing/Going live
What sets Arotech from any other company is their system, communication, and additional value.

What sets us apart?

In Arotech we love to create what is different we don't like to go as the hoard, here we differentiate

1 - System

Arotech’s well planned system, makes us deliver the best, in the best time.

2 - Communication

Our company always communicates as much as possible with their clients to ensure our clients needs.

3 - Additional Value

Our company doesn’t always just deliver what is needed, we love to tailor additional value for our customer to ensure their success.

Reviews on Arotech team
What does clients think of Arotech team

“A group of talented young guys, who inspire to become the best. I really think they will do great things.”

“Professionalism is great trait in Arotech. They submited what I needed with precise accuracy specially in the design and timing. Thank you Arotech.”

“Wanted to thank Arotech for creating our website, their work is really good and well organized. I would definitely go for them again.”

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